Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Mr. Potcher's Holiday?

The estimated running time is 2 hours.

How large is the cast?

The show can be performed with a cast of anywhere from 15 (2 men, 2 women, 6 girls, 5 boys with doubling and tripling of roles) to 26 actors, plus an optional chorus of school kids.

How old are the kids in the show?

They are roughly middle-school age, but it's flexible. We say that the school is a "Community School" to allow for the possibility of younger or older kids.

What sets are needed?

  • School auditorium stage, decorated for Thanksgiving pageant
  • School cafeteria
  • Mr. Potcher's office
  • Classroom
  • Island of Lost Holidays
  • Darcy's bedroom
  • Shalena's bedroom (minimal suggestion of another girl's bedroom)
  • School auditorium stage, decorated for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa

Are instrumental MP3 files available so the actors can sing to recorded playback?


Are lead sheets (sheet music for piano and voice) available?


Are charts available for a small band of instruments?


Are sound effects available?