Mr. Potcher's Holiday is a delightful family musical comedy. It has charmed audiences in California and Texas and is sure to charm your audiences as well.

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Thanksgiving Song

Another One For Darcy

I Heard from a Guy

Too Busy

Potcher's Heroes

August Has No Holidays

Filling In the Bubbles

Anyone But Me


Keep a-Goin'

Isle of Lost Holidays

Nightmare Medley

At the Touch of Love

It's Love, It's Love, It's Love

Lullaby for Potcher

Take a Chance

As We Go Round the Sun

For rehearsals and/or productions, the music is available as instrumental MP3 files, lead sheets, and charts for a variety of instruments.
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Mr. Potcher's Holiday ©2009 and 2011 by
Bob Silberg and Barbara Klaskin Silberg.
All rights reserved.