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Bring The Music Home With CDs By Mrs. Music

Celebrating Children and It’s Holiday Time! are professionally produced, studio recordings that showcase the spirited voices of The West Los Angeles Children’s Choir.

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Celebrating Children

celebrating children cd cover

The Celebrating Children CD features words by gifted poets from all over Southern California, set to music by Barbara Klaskin Silberg. Los Angeles Headstart Director Mary Idella-Coleman inspires listeners with her Silent Dreams and Wings of Hope. Brentwood’s Poet Laureate Stan Lefcourt contributes Celebrate the Children. Rex Altman, father of one of the choir members, adds a comic touch with New Dog and Baby Sister Blues. Good Luck Gold, the title poem of the book by Janet Wong, wishes children good fortune.

Praise For Celebrating Children

"I was very stressed out the other day and I tuned on your CD Celebrating Children. It was SO beautiful and by its conclusion, I felt much better. You are truly a remarkable music talent and I’m so impressed with what you have given these children. You have made a profound impact on their lives and have given them something they will never forget. You need to be cloned!"

---Sharlene Habermeyer, Author: Good Music, Brighter Children

It’s Holiday Time!

It’s Holiday Time! is an original mix of holiday music performed by the West Los Angeles Children’s Choir. It bridges the cultural gap by blending lyrics about Christmas and Chanukah—sometimes in the same song. The CD features such favorites as Christmas in the West and The Ha Ha Holiday Song.

Statue of Liberty

statue of liberty cd cover

Barbara Silberg has written music to accompany the words penned by Emma Lazarus and inscribed on the base of the Statue of Liberty. The song, which was beautifully arranged by Denny Bouchard and recorded by the West Los Angeles Children's choir, includes a reading of the poem, The New Colossus, from which the inscription is taken. This is a one-song CD with a second track featuring just the orchestration for sing-along purposes.

Music & Lesson Plans

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Teaching Music Is Easy And Fun With Lesson Plans By Mrs. Music

Teachers never seem to have the music to accompany their lesson plans. Mrs. Silberg not only presents ideas, she actually includes the music. The Best Music Lesson Plans Ever! is a 25-page set of music appreciation lesson plans that Mrs. Silberg designed for kindergarten through the primary grades. The plans include clips from 56 pieces of music on a CD featuring vocals and instrumentals.

Mrs. Silberg introduced the lesson plans at The Cerritos Center for The Performing Arts where she gave a lecture series for 250 teachers from Los Angeles County. The lesson plans have been tested in the Los Angeles City and Santa Monica school districts. The Best Music Lesson Plans Ever! is ideal for schools, libraries and for students who are home-schooled.

"As a student, I hated history. I was bored in class and could never remember the details. But at home, my father made history entertaining with his rousing renditions of military tunes from World War I, The Civil War and The War of 1812. When set to music, the boring historical facts suddenly came alive. I was able to remember them. I made myself promise that if I ever taught, I would teach music and history together."

---Barbara Klaskin Silberg

The Best Music Lesson Plans Ever! includes:

With The Best Music Lesson Plans Ever! children learn to make music. They march to the metronome and keep beat with their instruments. Sawed-off egg cartons morph into makeshift violins. Students tap into their anger as an introduction to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. They use finger cymbals and tambourines to create the sound of rain and bang on drums to mimic thunder to accompany the thunderstorm in Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony #6.